Bitcoin Unlimited Voting (beta)
Bitcoin Unlimited Voting (beta)
Welcome to the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Voting system. This site is meant to track voting on new BU members, and on Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals (BUIP). If an election or vote is open, BU members can cast votes on proposals and member elections here. All voting here happens with Bitcoin signed messages, using the member-supplied voting keys.

Current members

The members currently eligible to vote here are listed on the current member list.

Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals (BUIPs)

BUIPs in the voting system are simple files, such as a .txt file or a .pdf. Uploads are currently limited to an appropriate size of 1MB.

Any member can upload any number of BUIPs (though should confer with the BU secretary for appropriate numbering and naming of his or her proposal, this is currently out-of-scope for the voting system). For security reasons, a freshly uploaded proposal is in state 'unpublished' first, and therefore not accessible to the general public. A BU member with the vote master can subsequently publish a proposal, making it world readable.

In a further step, the vote master can then open the proposal for voting, allowing all current, eligible members to cast their vote on the proposal. Casting a vote (here or in a member election) automatically implies that the voting member is active as per the BU articles.

Closing the vote on a proposal by the vote master makes it final and prevents further ballots being cast on that proposal.

Note: The voting system only covers proposals that are tracked by the system. BUIPs not within this system are available here.


This is the list of currently published proposals:

Designation Title Author File Metadata Published? Vote? Vote!
BUIP0055 None Peter_R, (act.) BUIP055.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP026 None solex, (act.) BUIP026.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP049 None solex, (act.) BUIP049.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP050 None solex, (act.) BUIP050.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP051 None freetrader, (act.) buip051_add_compactblocks_-_rev2_reformatted.txt metadata YES result N/A
BUIP052 None freetrader, (act.) buip052_set_up_dedicated_ci.txt metadata YES result N/A
BUIP053 None freetrader, (act.) buip053_tweakable_client_DoS_responses.txt metadata YES result N/A
BUIP054 None freetrader, (act.) buip054_make_AD_optional.txt metadata YES result N/A
BUIP056 None solex, (act.) BUIP056.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP057 None solex, (act.) BUIP057.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP062 None solex, (act.) BUIP062_Funded_Development_aka_Devpool.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP063 None solex, (act.) BUIP063_Support_Bitcoin_Cash_with_an_official_implementation.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP064 None solex, (act.) BUIP064_Support_Segwit2x_with_an_official_implementation.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP065 None solex, (act.) BUIP065_Gigablock_Testnet_Initiative.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP066 None solex, (act.) BUIP066_Ecosystem_Outreach_for_Onchain_Scaling_Part_II.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP068 Satoshis Vision Conf 2 solex, (act.) BUIP068_Satoshis_Vision_2_Conference.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP069 Academic paper Mining Tax Public Goods solex, (act.) BUIP069_Academic_paper_Mining_Tax_Public_Goods_in_Bitcoin.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP070 BitPay Cash Address solex, (act.) BUIP070_Support_BitPays_Bitcoin_Cash_address.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP071 Bitcoin Cash Rel Version solex, (act.) BUIP071_Make_Bitcoin_Cash_the_Release_Version.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP072 Partly to BCH solex, (act.) BUIP072_Partially_re-weight_BUs_funds_towards_BCH.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP073 Fully to BCH solex, (act.) BUIP073_Fully_re-weight_BUs_funds_towards_BCH.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP074 Sell BTG solex, (act.) BUIP074_Sell_the_Bitcoin_Gold_portion_of_BUs_funds_for_BCH.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP075 Counter BUIP071 solex, (act.) BUIP075_Counter_BUIP_of_BUIP071.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP076 Base32 Address solex, (act.) BUIP076_Support_Base32_address_format_in_BUCash.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP077 OP_GROUP solex, (act.) BUIP077_Enable_rep_tokens_via_OP_GROUP_on_Bitcoin_Cash.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP078 OP_DATASIGVERIFY solex, (act.) BUIP078_Enable_Binary_Contracts_BCH_via_OP_DATASIGVERIFY.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP081 1-year membership solex, (act.) BUIP081_Unambiguous_definition_of_1year_membership_period.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP082 Opt-in malleability fix solex, (act.) BUIP082_Opt-in_malleability_fix.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP083 Andrew Clifford for BU President solex, (act.) BUIP083_Andrew_Clifford_for__BU_president.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP084 Coin splitting instructions solex, (act.) BUIP084_Secure_BCH_coin_splitting_instructions.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP085 Double spend relaying solex, (act.) BUIP085_Double_spend_relaying.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP086 bitcoincash URI format update solex, (act.) BUIP086_bitcoincash_URI_format_update.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP087 cash denomination solex, (act.) BUIP087_Utilization_of_cash_denomination.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP088 Double spend proofs solex, (act.) BUIP088_Double_spend_proof_creation_forwarding.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP089 Blockchain engineer services contract solex, (act.) BUIP089_Blockchain_engineer_services_contract.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP091 Move official BU repo to GitLab solex, (act.) BUIP091_Move_official_BU_repository_issue_tracker_to_GitLab.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP092 Workshop on Instant Transactions solex, (act.) BUIP092_Workshop_on_Instant_Transactions_for_Bitcoin.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP093 Graphene v.2 Improvements Extensions solex, (act.) BUIP093_Graphene_v2_Improvements_Extensions.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP094 BCH Nov upgrade Re-enable opcodes solex, (act.) BUIP094_BCH_Nov_upgrade_Re-enable_OP_Codes.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP095 BCH Nov upgrade CHECKDATASIG CDSVERIFY solex, (act.) BUIP095_BCH_Nov_upgrade_CHECKDATASIG__CDSVERIFY.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP096 BCH Nov upgrade Enforced lexicographic txn order solex, (act.) BUIP096_BCH_Nov_upgrade_Enforced_lexicographic_txn_order.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP098 BU Strategy for Nov 2018 upgrade solex, (act.) BUIP098_BU_Strategy_for_November_2018_Hard_Fork.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP101 Default max blocksize cap (hard limit) 10 TB solex, (act.) BUIP101_Set_default_value_max_blocksize_cap_hard_limit_10_TB.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP103 LetsBuildBCH Satoshis Coffee-house Conference solex, (act.) BUIP103_LetsBuildBCH_at_Satoshis_Coffee-house_Conference.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP104 Re-elect Peter Rizun BU Secretary solex, (act.) BUIP104_Re-elect_Peter_Rizun_for_BU_Secretary.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP107 Sell the BCH portion of BU funds for BSV solex, (act.) BUIP107_Sell_the_BCH_portion_of_BU_funds_for_BSV.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP109 Andrew Stone for Developer solex, (act.) BUIP109_Andrew_Stone_for_Developer.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP110 Funded Development aka Devpool2 solex, (act.) BUIP110_Funded_Development_aka_Devpool2.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP113 Support BSV with Official Implementation solex, (act.) BUIP113_Support_Bitcoin_SV_with_an_Official_Implementation.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP114 Drop Support of BSV HF Config Params in BUCash solex, (act.) BUIP114_Drop_Support_for_the_BSV_HF_Config_Parameters_in_BUCash.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP115 Drop support for BTC solex, (act.) BUIP115_Drop_support_for_BTC.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP116 Articles of Federation Clarification solex, (act.) BUIP116_Articles_of_Federation_Clarification.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP118 Implement CashAccount lookup features solex, (act.) BUIP118_Implement_CashAccount_lookup_features.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP119 Implement sending to CashAccount solex, (act.) BUIP119_Implement_sending_to_CashAccount.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP120 Replace LevelDB with immutable stateless storage design solex, (act.) BUIP120_Replace_LevelDB_with_an_immutable_stateless_storage_design.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP121 Create formal BCH specifications solex, (act.) BUIP121_Create_formal_BCH_specifications.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP122 Remove Norway from membership solex, (act.) BUIP122_Remove_Norway_from_membership.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP123 Remove imaginary_username from membership solex, (act.) BUIP123_Remove_imaginary_username_from_membership.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP125 Remove Norway from membership 2 solex, (act.) BUIP125_Remove_Norway_from_membership.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP126 Planet-on-a-lan test network solex, (act.) BUIP126_Planet-on-a-LAN_stress_test_model_network.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP127 Partially re-weight 50% BTC to BCH solex, (act.) BUIP127_Partially_re-weight_funds_50_BTC_to_BCH.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP128 Fund the Developer solex, (act.) BUIP128_Fund_the_Developer.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP129 Finish and Productize Voting System solex, (act.) BUIP129_Finish_and_Productize_the_BU_Voting_System.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP131 Bobtail Prototype Extending Storm solex, (act.) BUIP131_Bobtail_Prototype_Extending_Storm.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP132 Eco Outreach Marketing BU and Scaling solex, (act.) BUIP132_Eco_Outreach_Marketing_BU_and_Scaling.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP134 Fund another Developer solex, (act.) BUIP134_Fund_another_Developer.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP135 Use OKCoin Donation Fund DS Proofs solex, (act.) BUIP135_Use_OKCoin_Donation_Fund_DS_Proofs.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP136 Andrew Clifford for President solex, (act.) BUIP136_Andrew_Clifford_for_President.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP137 Funded Development aka Devpool3 solex, (act.) BUIP137_Funded_Development_aka_Devpool3.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP138 Fund BUs Chief Scientist solex, (act.) BUIP138_Fund_BUs_Chief_Scientist.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP139 Multiple OP_RETURN with less rules solex, (act.) BUIP139_Multiple_OP_RETURN-with_less_rules.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP140 Multiple OP_RETURN with size limit solex, (act.) BUIP140_Multiple_OP_RETURN_with_size__limit.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP141 Restrict voting Non-public mbrs solex, (act.) BUIP141_Restrict_voting_Non_public_ident_members.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP142 Create BCH test data solex, (act.) BUIP142_Create_Bitcoin_Cash_testdata.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP143 Refuse coinbase tax solex, (act.) BUIP143_Refuse_the_coinbase_tax.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP145 Additional funding BCH spec solex, (act.) BUIP145_Additional_funding_for_bitcoin_cash_specification.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP146 Config to delay mining txns solex, (act.) BUIP146_Add_config_parameter_to_delay_mining_transactions.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP147 Fund Developer 2 solex, (act.) BUIP147_Fund_Developer_2.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP148 Eco Outreach Marketing BU Scaling 2 solex, (act.) BUIP148_Eco_Outreach_Marketing_BU_Scaling_2.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP149 Delimited OP_RETURNs solex, (act.) BUIP149_Delimited_OP_RETURNs.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP150 B.U. Inc. office admin solex, (act.) BUIP150_BU_Incorporated_office_admin.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP151 Further Dev Bobtail-Storm Protocol solex, (act.) BUIP151_Further_Dev_Bobtail-Storm_Protocol.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP152 Announcing Wally Wallet solex, (act.) BUIP152_Announcing_Wally_Wallet.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP153 BU Blockparty Build On BCH solex, (act.) BUIP153_BU_Blockparty_Building_On_BCH.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP154 Re-elect Peter_R for BU Secretary solex, (act.) BUIP154_Re-elect_Peter_R_for_BU_Secretary.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP156 Andrew Stone for Developer solex, (act.) BUIP156_Andrew_Stone_For_Developer.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP157 Continue Funding a Developer solex, (act.) BUIP157_Continue_Funding_a_Developer.docx metadata YES result N/A
BUIP158 Funding for SysAdmin-Developer solex, (act.) BUIP158_Funding_for_SysAdmin-Developer.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP159 Ecosystem Marketing BU Scaling 2021 solex, (act.) BUIP159_Ecosystem_Marketing_BU_Scaling_2021.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP160 BCH Developer On-ramp System solex, (act.) BUIP160_BCH_Developer_On-ramp_System.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP161 B.U. Website Refresh solex, (act.) BUIP161_BU_Website_Refresh.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP162 B.U. Mining Reward Guarantee solex, (act.) BUIP162_BU_Mining_Reward_Guarantee.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP163 Ongoing Grant to Journal Ledger solex, (act.) BUIP163_Ongoing_Grant_Journal_Ledger.pdf metadata YES result N/A
BUIP166 Launch a Chain for Proving Next Gen Features solex, (act.) BUIP166_Launch_Chain_Proving_Next_Gen_Features.pdf metadata YES result N/A

In case proposals are open for voting, a member can cast votes on all open proposals at once here.

Unpublished proposals can be found here.

Click here to upload a new proposal.

Member elections

As per the BU articles, members are elected into BU in a process similar to a vote on a BUIP proposal. After closing a member election, the current member list above will be updated.

There are currently no member elections in progress.


This section lists minor and special places in the voting system.

Generic action entry

For special cases, it can be of value to interact with the voting system in an arbitrary way. A form is available that helps with doing so.


Actions by member

To see all actions by a particular member, please enter the member's name here and click submit:

Proposal ballots by member

To see all proposal ballots by a particular member, please enter the member's name here and click submit:

Source code and bug reports

The open source code for this part of the website is currently available at: Pull requests welcome!

Please also use the Github issue tracking system available under "Issues" for any complaints, feature requests, bug reports etc. pertaining to this voting system.